Noise Joys Site Map

I have posted the preliminary Noise Joys Website’s Site Map on our Web server.  This is a liquid, html site map.  Links generate 404 errors because pages are not constructed yet!  They will be updated ASA pages become available.  All comments are, of course, welcome.

May 13, 2010


WeBand iConcert, an iPhone Mobile-application Concept

WeBand iConcert is a virtual music performance interface that lets players select their iPhone-based “instruments” to play songs or even a complete concert, as a virtual, social-networked band, quartet…  Virtual, iPhone/iPod/ iPad instruments include:  Ocarina (flute), PocketGuitar, Chordmaster, Pianist, , Pocket Shaker, and uDrummer Lite.  “Band” can provide more instrument options.

WeBand iConcert, an iPhone Mobile Application
WeBand iConcert, an iPhone Mobile Application

The lyrics can be displayed for the vocalist(s) and musicians on Lyrical.  The music can be “aired” on a Pandora virtual radio station.  Single players can use Bloom to create compositions, or as an automatic, continuous music machine.

May 13, 2010

CSS-driven Drop-down Menu

I have posted my CSS-driven Drop-down Menu site on our Web server. This includes a complete navigation system with links to all the pages on my midterm Dance Website. But clicking on them will result in 404 errors simply because I have not added all those pages to this site.

I will link them to the pages on my Dance Website later. But, the purpose here was just to create an alternate Drop-down Menu system. I don’t intend to change the original navigation system because that is a more intuitive, organic and simple system. Please add comments your here for future upgrades. Thanks!

May 6, 2010

Dance Website Redesign and Site Map

I have posted my Dance Website Redesign on our Web server.   You might be interested in visiting the Site Map on the “about us” page.   This is a liquid, html page with links to every page on the Website!  In addition to the home page, the “join us” page has content.  All other pages have an “under construction” image plus text placeholders.  All comments are, of course, welcome.

April 30, 2010

Dance Website’s Site-map and Critique

I visited several and selected these dance websites:




(d), and


as potential competitors of


Virtually all have shortcomings that underscore the need for a better design.  Thus, I decided to just review on these criteria:

Navigation & Usability

con.  >87-link, vintage, Web 1.0, top nav, left menu…

pro.  Links to virtually every little corner of their organization

Layout & Composition

con.  Liquid content bar with either wide paddings or overflow covering the right bar!

pro.  3-column layout, albeit poorly designed.

Logo Identification

con.  Poor layout of organization ID and tag line

pro.  Prominent, but old-fashioned, top left logo

Imagery & Image Quality

con.  Hodgepodge of images here & there

pro.  Photos & videos of dances.

Color & Contrast

con.  Vintage late ‘90s

pro.  Simple, RGB color scheme & contrast

Visual Appeal

con.  Minimal due to lame A/V and limited dance look and feel

pro.  images & videos of dances


con.  No “character,” looks like default fonts

pro.  Mostly san-serifs fonts with enough contrast.

Site Map

Visit Site-map for an online version of this Dance Website’s Site-map.

CSS Box Model, 3-column liquid, faux 2-column and 3-column layouts

I spent several hours designing these four layouts and uploading them to our Web server.  Here are links to these Webpages on the server:

CSS Box Model;

Faux, 2-column layout;

3-column, liquid layout; and

Faux, 3-column layout.

The last two pages’ content are the very instructions for how to lay out these pages!  I hope visitors will find them informative.


Two-Column Website Template for Web 3.0 Design Website

I visited several template sites to see what is available online for free for this project.  After all, I did not want to “reinvent the wheel!”  The good news is that tens of sites offer reasonably professional templates.  The bad new is that most have mixed up content (substance) with style.  I don’t exactly remember, nor did I record it last week, the specific sites I used as my starting point.  Yet, here are a few links to a few such sites:

All How To and Tricks This site has tens of sample templates;

Learn Website Design This site has “templates,” i.e. functional but not styled that great.

Free Website Templates This site has separate CSS XHTML Website Templates.  Thus, it could well be my starting-point site!

The final result is “Web 3.0 Design:  We Design Professional, Semantic-CSS Websites.”   I spent several hours redesigning the header image, creating new (placeholder) content, and re-styling the site.  It looks professional now and could be used as starting point for launching a successful Website.  This is still a work in progress.  All comments are welcome, however.